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Is your Fire Risk Assessment up to date?

A Fire Risk Assessment should be at the heart of your fire safety arrangements.

The Fire Risk Assessment should consider any potential fire hazards on the property and outline what needs to be done to keep people safe and you fully compliant.

We recognise that conducting Fire Risk Assessments can be challenging to do well and manage because they can be time-consuming and complex and frequently call for specialised knowledge and opinion.

Here’s where we step in.

Our fire risk assessors are chosen for their knowledge, experience, and ability to identify solutions rather than just problems. We aim to enhance your understanding of fire safety through the process.

Our Fire Risk Assessment reports are clear and easy to understand. We have updated the standard risk assessment format to reflect a straightforward colour-coded “traffic light” system, making it easy to identify key action points.

Contact us to arrange our FREE 1-Hour Fire Safety Audit to assess what level of help you may require.

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