Our expert team are on a mission to simplify Fire Safety.

NO FIRE means just that. Our goal is to prevent all fires, however if a fire does occur, we want all occupants to escape safely, the building to be protected from fire spread,
and any damage limited to the point of origin.

We want every space to be safe and protected from fire risk.

Giving you confidence in Fire Safety.

No Fire delivers all the fire protection measures needed to protect people and property from the effects of fire.

We can help you step up to the requirements of the latest fire safety legislation. You might find that you are the ‘Accountable Person’ or ‘Principal Accountable Person’
under the new Building Safety Act.

You may be the ‘Responsible Person’ under the Fire Safety Act 2021 and Regulatory Reform Order 2005. We can give you the confidence and knowledge to successfully discharge your duties.

Our Services

Our Services

Our promise to you


No upsellingNo upselling – we won‘t recommend anything you don‘t need.


Keeping it simpleKeeping it simple – we won‘t use jargon and ensure everyone understands what we mean.


No long term, “tied in” contractsNo long term, “tied in” contracts – when you need one of our services or a risk assessment renewal, we‘ll be in touch to arrange a visit.


Always availableAlways available – you can contact us via our (UK-based) 24/7 helpdesk.


Uniquely experienced staffUniquely experienced staff.

Fire safety audit

We offer a FREE no-obligation
initial 1-hour fire safety audit

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